Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between independent living plus, assisted living, and memory care?

Independent living is a lifestyle in which seniors retain their day-to-day habits and practices, while being provided a greater sense of community, as well as amenities designed specifically for seniors, and services designed to support an active and healthy lifestyle.. Assisted living residents have access to greater levels of support during their daily activities to facilitate independence and dignity in a warm and caring environment. Memory care is designed for residents who have Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illnesses. Dedicated and warm care partners, along with specialized amenities and activities, help our memory care residents feel respected and fulfilled.

What distinguishes VITALIA Senior Residences® from other area communities?

At VITALIA®, we believe that life continues to have value as we age regardless of physical limitations that may slow us down. We believe that living with passion has no boundaries and we help each individual resident rekindle their own passion. We take great pride in our wellness-minded programs that focus on social, psychological, and physical well-being. The community implements modern technologies and innovative services that are proven to improve quality of life.

At VITALIA®, every living space has been designed with seniors in mind for comfort and safety. Whether their apartment is in independent living, assisted living, or memory care, our residents will have access to programs and amenities that are chosen specifically to provide the very best in quality of life and comfort.

What does it cost to live at VITALIA®?

We know that cost is often a significant factor when choosing a senior living community. At VITALIA®, you can choose from a variety of apartment options that will best fit your budget. Additionally, certain Veterans and Surviving Spouses have VA benefits that are available to help lower the costs of living. There is also the possibility of claiming a portion of the rent as a medical expense, rendering it tax-deductible. Many find that the expense of living at Vitalia is more manageable when compared to living alone or in higher-needs communities. If you’d like more information on the financial costs associated with living at VITALIA Senior Residences®, please call us at (440) 878-3737 to speak with a senior living counselor or complete our contact form at and a senior living counselor will contact you.

What exactly are the VA benefits and do you help file for them?

The Veterans Aid & Attendance pension provides financial assistance to veterans and their spouses for the expense of senior living. Qualifying seniors may be eligible for $1,153 to $2,846 per month if they meet the specific qualifications for this benefit. Please contact us at (440) 878-3737 to learn more.

Are there common areas and rooms available for residents and their guests?

VITALIA® has several gathering places for residents to utilize for guests.y. The restaurant-style dining room is a great place to have a meal with family and friends. The library, gaming area, and other community areas are always welcoming to guests, as well. Many of our community areas are available for private reservations for you and your loved ones.

Visitors are welcome to stay overnight with you in the comfort of your apartment. Should overnight guests need extra space or privacy, we also offer guest suites at a small cost.

Are meals included?

Three freshly prepared meals are available to our residents every day and are included in the cost of rent. Family and friends are welcome to join our residents at their meals and can order from the same at a small cost.

Is transportation available or do residents need a car?

Residents are welcome to keep their cars, but may find they never need to drive them! Enabling seniors to maintain as much independence as possible is of the utmost importance to us, so VITALIA® also provides a bus and private car with extensive transportation options for trips to scheduled doctor appointments, social outings, going to the bank, shopping at local merchants, and more. Rest assured VITALIA® will get you where you need to go.

What activities and services are available?

At VITALIA Senior Residences®, we are thrilled to offer a robust events and entertainment schedule. We provide an array of activities, outings, and performances so there is something for everyone! We also invite input from our residents to ensure that our schedule meets their interests and fulfills their desires.

Our services are determined by a wellness evaluation performed during the move-in process for our assisted living and memory care residents. By assessing new residents and regularly performing wellness evaluations, we can determine how to best care for them and meet any and all needs they have.

How do you reserve an apartment?

Reserving an apartment is easy! Our senior living counselors are happy to help you through our simple application process and paying the small community fee. To find out more, contact us today at (440) 878-3737 or complete our online contact form at to speak with a senior living counselor.

Will I have a curfew?

There is no curfew. Our seniors are free come and go 24-hours a day.

Can I smoke?

Our campus is a 100% smoke-free environment to protect the health and happiness of our residents, employees, and guests.

Can I drink alcohol?

Benjamin Franklin once said “in wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom.” Responsibly practicing our independence with social events, such as wine and cheese tastings and happy hours where we enjoy cocktails and beers, is something we greatly enjoy. Our residents are also free to fill their fridge with whatever food and beverage they like.

What are the visiting hours?

Visitors are always welcome at Vitalia and there are no set hours for guests. Should your visitor arrive at a time outside of regular business hours, all they have to do is use our call system or the security code that is given to residents at the start of each month.